• Screen Replacement

  • At Mobile Phone Repairs Port Macquarie we can repair and service your device whether it's an Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG or any other brand. From glass and LCD replacements to accessories, we've got you covered. And with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty against defects on all parts together with a 12 month guarantee on all repairs (excluding battery replacement) you cant go wrong.

    We also repair all types of  Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptop Screen Repairs, Home buttons, Microphones, Batteries, Cameras and Charge Ports on all leading brands.  

  • Touch Screen.

    -The Touch screen (digitizer) is the glass on the front of the phone, responsible for recognizing touch. The touch will be affected either immediately or down the track after a crack in the screen, depending on the severity of the break.


    -The LCD is the part that sits behind the touch screen and basically creates the picture you see. Any phones with a bleeding LCD, a flickering LCD, a black(dead) LCD, Dots or dull colours on the screen, will require a screen & LCD replacement.

    There is a lot of talk about glass only repairs. This sort of repair is not very strong, durable or appealing, and this affects the finished quality.

    All assemblies replaced by MPR Port Macquarie will have the touch screen digitizer and the LCD already fitted to each other and be of perfect finish, with very high strength and quality.

    How they work.

    -Touch screens operate from a complex set of components designed to “feel” your fingers as they move across the screen. If these components are not functioning properly you could have problems like spots or discoloration, little or no backlight, flickering screen backlight, or buttons that don’t function. There are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot your Mobile phone screen problems before seeking repair.

    Troubleshooting Mobile Phone Screen Problems

    -Problems with your Mobile phone screen can be caused by a number of issues. It could actually be the result of a software problem. Try powering off the device and then turning it back on to try to reset the software. Then check the screen to see if it has improved. The charge could be low or the battery could be damaged. Try charging the phone for several hours and checking the screen again.

    Sometimes the nature of the screen display can reveal the problem. If the screen is discolored, use a pen cap to lightly rub the screen in the discolored area. If the issue is stuck pixels, applying mild pressure to the screen might fix it. If you have a slider-style phone with a white screen, the issue could be a ribbon cable that has worn out or moved out of its socket. You might be able to move it back into place by tapping on the back of the phone where the battery is held.

    Repairing Your Mobile Phone Screen

    -If you have tried troubleshooting these issues and still have a problem, the technicians at Mobile Phone Repairs Port Macquarie are ready to help you. Call into your local store for same day repairs, or mail the phone in at your convenience. We will give you a free estimate to repair your Mobile phone screen. 

    So if you need your screen replaced come in, post in or call now on 0476768050.