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iPad & Tablet Use At School- how to avoid damage

Many schools require or allow iPad use in the classrooms these days and we're not about to delve into the pro's & con's today, but we are going to give you some quick tips on how to protect your devices from damage and what to do if the worst happens.

  1. Use a protective case Cases are the best method of protecting your device from physical damage. There are a variety of case options ranging from simple, cheap snap on cases to protect the back from scratches right through to a tough case which may help to protect the device from screen breakage, damage to the frame or even from splash accidents. Cases are also a great way to personalise your child's devices so that they don't get mixed up with someone else's.

  2. Use a tempered glass or screen protector Again, prevention is better than cure and the most common breakage we see in our repair store is broken screens. You can help protect the screen from scratches and breakage by fitting a tempered glass screen protector regardless of whether you have fitted a case or not. It will provide an extra layer of protection and with any luck if an accident were to occur you may only need to replace the tempered glass rather than the display.

  3. Software security All devices have built in security such as passcodes and security updates to assist in avoiding theft or hacking. Ensure that your child has a secure password set up to unlock their device and encourage them not the share their passwords with their friends. Allow automatic updates to ensure that any bug fixes happen to ensure the best security. Always ensure that you have the password to help ensure security and access when required.

  4. Bonus tip Utilise 'screen time' settings to set parameters and censor what your child can access on their device based on their age and apps you wish them to have access too. You can also set screen limits for usage which can be managed through family sharing.

ipad use at school
ipad use at school

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