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Troubleshooting Mobile Phone Screen Problems

Updated: May 20, 2021

What to do when you are having screen problems?

Problems with your mobile phone screen can be caused by a number of issues. It could actually be the result of a software problem. Try powering off the device and then turning it back on to try to reset the software. Then check the screen to see if it has improved. The charge could be low or the battery could be damaged. Try charging the phone for several hours and checking the screen again.

Sometimes the nature of the screen display can reveal the problem. If the screen is discoloured, use a pen cap to lightly rub the screen in the discoloured area. If the issue is stuck pixels, applying mild pressure to the screen might fix it. If you have a slider-style phone with a white screen, the issue could be a ribbon cable that has worn out or moved out of its socket. You might be able to move it back into place by tapping on the back of the phone where the battery is held.


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