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What to do if your phone gets wet?

Updated: May 20, 2021

We often take our phones for granted. This little device that contains technology outside the realms of anything we could imagine not too long ago. However, we don’t often treat our devices with the care that we usually would with something that costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The idea that something so expensive could be rendered completely useless with a little water or a drop is enough to frighten anyone. Screen replacement is generally quite straight forward but what should you do if your phone gets wet?

Here’s what to do when you drop your Phone in water.

Get it out of the water as quickly as possible!

This may seem obvious but the quicker you can get your phone out of that water, the better. A few seconds can actually make a big difference.

Turn it off and leave it off! DO NOT PLUG IT IN TO POWER NO MATTER WHAT whether it is working or not, until it has been assessed by a professional!

Turning your phone on or leaving it on makes the chance of water damaging your phone go way up. Power off your device as soon as possible. If it is hooked up to any other devices like headphones or a charging station, disconnect it, and do not reconnect it for any reason until you have had it assessed and cleared by a professional phone repairer. POWER and WATER DON’T MIX! Adding power to your device when it has water inside could mean the death of your phone and we want to do everything possible to avoid that. I know that it most likely looks dry but there are plenty of ways for water to get inside, the main one being through the charge port.

Remove your case.

Water can find places to hide in the crevices of your case. Your screen protector shouldn’t pose a problem unless you can see water underneath.

Wipe it down (Use a cotton bud if you need to)

Wipe your phone to remove any remaining moisture! For lingering water in any ports, use a cotton bud.

Place it in the boot of a hot car OR put it in a bag full of rice OR silica gel packets.

We don’t generally recommend putting your device in rice as we are mindful that there can be complications with rice getting into the ports on your device which may cause other issues. If possible avoid the rice and bring it straight in for a full tear down and dry at your nearest store. Failing that put it in the boot of your car during the heat of the day.

Your next option is, if you have some of those tiny silica gel packets you find in shoeboxes use those. If not, rice will do. Seal your phone with the rice or gel packets in a ziplock bag. You want the entire phone to be covered in rice so fill that bag up. Then make sure the bag is as air-tight as possible.

Leave it in the rice for a full 48 hours if you can’t get to a repairer sooner.

We know...we know... your phone has become an extra limb, but the longer the phone dries out, the better chance you have of saving it from water damage and it could be the difference between saving your phone or it costing a lot of money in repairs or replacement.

Please please please back up your devices regularly!

Believe me we know accidents happen. We see them every day. What we also see is the devastation caused when people don't regularly back up their devices and end up losing everything because of an accident. Photos they can never replace, contacts they can't get back. Make it a regular practice to back up your device. Don't let your phone croak!


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